Malignant pleural mesothelioma

The clinical research of the team around Prof. Dr. Isabelle Schmitt-Opitz predominantly deals with the evaluation of new therapeutic approaches for malignant pleural mesothelioma.

End of 2012 the team started with the globally first surgical-medicinal clinical mesothelioma study INFLuenCe Meso I, which has been applied in a human body, in which the local intracavitary application of a cisplatin-fibrin gel after a tumour resection is examined.

One of the main problems in malignant mesotheliomas is the high rate of tumour recurrences within a relatively short period of time after the surgical removal of the tumour. With the aim of lowering this high recurrence rate Prof. Schmitt-Opitz first conducted a translational study in animal models, in which it has been examined if a local application of a cisplatin bound to fibrin gel (a cancer medication) might lead to lowering the recurrence rate. The promising results from this translational study led then to the conduction of a phase I study in which was initially examined which amounts of cisplatin can be locally applied without negative side effects. After the treatment of in total 12 patients INFLuenCe Meso I was successfully finished beginning of 2015 with the identification of the optimal dose.

Since end of 2015 the work group now conducts phase II of the study INFLuenCe Meso, which on the one hand shall confirm the tolerance of the applied dose and on the other hand shall obtain the first data about the efficiency of the therapy concerning the prolongation of the time without recurrence.

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