Annual Reports

Our Department of Thoracic Surgery is supported by national and international foundations in its intense research activities. The medical personnel of our department, who received an award and are mentioned in the Annual Report are listed below.

An archive of all Annual Reports as of 2002 can be found here.

​Award winner​AwardPublication/topic
PD Dr. Dr. W. Jungraithmayr​​Beste exerimentelle freie Mitteilung - Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Thorax-chirurgie (SGT), Bern​​"Lung allograft acceptance by CD26 co-stimulatory blockade is due to a balanced expression of IL17 and IL10"
​PD Dr. Dr. W. Jungraithmayr​​Experimentell-wissenschaft-licher Preis 2015 - UniversitätsSpital Zürich, Transplantationszentrum​​"CD26 co-stimulatory blockade improves lung allograft rejection and is associated with enhanced IL10-expression"
Award winner​PreisPublication/Thema
Prof. Dr. I. Schmitt-OpitzScience Award of the Gertrud Siegenthaler Foundation, Zurich​-
PD Dr.Dr. ​W. Jungraithmayr​Swiss Transplant Research Award 2014 - ​1st prize for basic research of the Swiss society of Transplantation"​Cytokine complex-expanded natural killer cells improve allogeneic lung transplant function via depletion of donor dendritic cells"
Prof. Dr. I. Schmitt-Opitz
Prof. Dr. W. Weder
​Swiss Society of Thoracic Surgery (SGT), Berne"Extrapleural Pneumonectomy after Induction Chemotherapy: Perioperative Outcome in 251 Mesothelioma Patients from Three High-Volume Institu-tions
​​Prof.Dr. I. Inci​Swiss Society of Thoracic Surgery (SGT), BerneSur​factant Improves Graft Function After Gastric Acid-Induced Lung Damage in Lung Transplantation


Award winner

PD Dr. ​W.Jungraithmayr

Award for the Best Oral Presentation (from 2200 submitted abstracts)  at the European Society of Organ Transplantation (ESOT) Congress, Vienna, September 2013

​"​Natural killer cells improve allogeneic lung transplants via depletion of donor dendritic cells"
PD Dr. ​W.JungraithmayrAward for the Best Experimental Presentation 2013 - Swiss Society of Thoracic Surgery"​Natural killer cells improve allogeneic lung transplants via depletion of donor dendritic cells"
PD Dr. ​W.Jungraithmayr​Award for the Best Experimental Publication 2013 - Swiss Society of Thoracic Surgery"​The depletion of donor macrophages reduces ischemiareperfusion
injury in mouse lung transplants"

​Award winner

Dr. ​Thomas WiedlBest experimental publication - Award of the Swiss Society of Thoracic Surgery"Activity-based proteomics: Identification of ABHD11 and ESD activities as potential biomarkers for human lung adenocarcinoma"​
Dr. Stephane CollaudBest clinical publication - Award of the Swiss Society of Thoracic Surgery​"Significance of a new fluorodeoxyglucose-positive lesion on restaging positron emission tomography/computed tomography after induction therapy for non-small-cell lung cancer"


C. Frei, I. Opitz, A. Soltermann, B. Fischer, U, Moura, H. Rehrauer, W. Weder, R. Stahel, E. Felley-Bosco10th Day of Clinical Research, 9th JunePoster Prize
PD Dr. W. JungraithmayrEuropean Society of Thoracic Surgeons. 19th European Conference in General Thoracic Surgery, Marseille, France, 5-8 JuneESTS-GRILLO AWARD
PD ​Dr. W. JungraithmayrSwiss Society of Thoracic Surgery ​Best Publication in Thoracic Surgery in the Year 2011
PD Dr. W. Jungraithmayr, Dr. S. Arni, Dr. S. Korom, Prof. Dr. W. Weder  
​98. Annual conference of the SGC, Geneva 25th - 27th MayBest poster presentation ARS (Association for Research in Surgery)


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