Our international research team of the Clinic or Thoracic Surgery is active in experimental as well as in clinical research. Our research team is also involved in numerous national and international studies.


The research team of the Clinic for Thoracic Surgery at the University Hospital Zurich

A particular focus is placed not least to the increasing clinical relevance in the area of oncological research. Here in particular the examinations of our tumor bank with now more than 800 tumor samples of surgical resected bronchial carcinoma and mesothelioma patients are continued, to search on molecular level for specific diagnostic and prognostic markers.

The mesothelioma research under coordination of Mrs. Prof. Isabelle Schmitt-Opitz made strong progresses with support of Cancer League and ESMO Fellowship both experimentally and clinically. With the I. high competitive SNF professorship acquired by Schmitt-Opitz and the financial support granted for more than 4 years several clinical and laboratory experimental positions are occupied. In particular the first clinical mesothelioma study (Influence Meso) was performed, in which extensive translational research of the last year was implemented.

A method was established by Dr. phil. Stephan Arni to successfully analyze tissue samples of patients with adenocarcinoma. This now not only for serinhydrolases but also for kinases. This project is performed in close cooperation with professor Aebersold from ETH.

In the field of transplantation research  Prof. Dr.Dr. med. Wolfgang Jungraithmayr developed as one of the worldwide first surgeons the orthotopic unilateral lung transplantation in a mouse model and further established it, what opens many new perspectives in the field of immunologic therapies. He was awarded a newly created assistant professorship for experimental lung transplantation from the University of Zurich.

Prof. Dr. med. Ilhan Inci continued his research of evaluation and conditioning by ex vivo perfusion of donor lungs. Furthermore we have successfully transplanted a donor lung in man for globally the first time in which acute lung embolisms were dissolved with fibrinolytics in an ex vivo perfusion system.

Laborfoto_S.Arni_7135.jpg        Dr.phil. Stephan Arni at the workbench in our research laboratory at the University Hospital Zurich

Annual Reports

In the annually published research report of the University Zurich and the University Hospital Zurich the research activities of the Division of Surgical Research of the University Zurich and the Department of Surgery at the University Hospital Zurich are presented.
Here you can find the archive of all Annual Reports as of 2002.


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