Our Story

    The thoracic surgery at the University Hospital Zurich as a long tradition

    Renowned surgeons such as Ferdinand Sauerbruch, Alfred Brunner and others have laid the foundation for international importance and the great reputation of our center several decades ago. After a golden age in the middle of the 19th century the classical thoracic surgery received less attention due to the introduction of tuberculostatics with the consecutive decline in tuberculosis surgery and later the focus of interest on the new topic of cardiac surgery.

    During the last two decades we see a renaissance and the essential improvements revolutionized the traditional thoracic surgery. The development of lung transplantation was enormously stimulating both for research and clinical practice.

    The gained experience can for example also be used in tracheal and bronchial surgery or in interventions on patients with advanced lung diseases. The video-assisted minimally invasive surgery was developed and replaced the classical thoracotomy for many interventions. The volume reducing surgery in emphysemas opened completely new therapy options and expanded also the surgical opportunities in treatment of patients with lung cancer and emphysema. The therapy of lung cancer takes place in interdisciplinary concepts, what makes the diagnosis and therapy more demanding but also more effective.

    With the interdisciplinary networking and competence, the high specialization and the successful research activities our department pursues a high level of patient care and quality assurance and is a certified lung cancer center of the German Cancer Society DKG.

    We are continuing our success story...   

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